Crashapult STEM Challenge

LER 9287

Game-like challenges have been designed specifically to engage and inspire primary children in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) lessons, developing enthusiasm from a young age.

Tax included Delivered within 3-4 days

All inclusive game kit provides real STEM learning for young children

Game-like challenges engage primary learners in a variety of STEM related concepts, including:

Early engineering

Problem solving

Critical thinking

Provides an early introduction to angles, trajectories and distances

Encourages a trial and error approach to problem solving as players get hands-on to complete the included challenges

Ideal small group or solo activity

STEM challenge kit includes:

Two-piece catapult

Two-piece target hoop

Two-piece target funnel

Two launch balls

Goal cup

Decorative stickers for customisation

Five challenge cards

Catapult is completely kid-powered: no batteries, springs or rubber bands

Fully constructed target hoop measures 30cm H

LER 9287