Starter Science Lab Tool Set


Create your own at-home science lab

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Bursting with high-quality, authentic lab tools, young scientists love this at-home set. Experiment Cards introduce children to scientific concepts while guiding them through experiments they can do with the tools in the kit and materials found around the house. Teacher-developed Activity Guide includes real-world connections to experiments, safety information, and instructions on how to use the kit components.


Includes all the basic tools for an at-home science lab.

Easy-to-follow Experiment Cards introduce the scientific method.

What’s Included:

1 Large Beaker

1 Small Beaker

1 Measuring Spoon

3 Test Tubes

1 Pipette

1 Magnifying Glass

1 Funnel

2 Syringes

1 Pair of Goggles

6 Double-Sided Experiment Cards

1 Activity Guide


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