Alphabet Garden Activity Set

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Grow new language skills with the letter recognition activities in this garden-themed literacy activity set for preschoolers. Place one of the double-sided activity mats over the foam liner and use the 26 colourful uppercase alphabet peg flowers to complete the activities in the included Activity Guide. Help young children build letter recognition skills, use the flowers to build simple three letter (CVC) words, and more. Ideal for preschool and home learning.

Watch early literacy skills bloom with the letter recognition activities in this garden-themed set.

With the letter recognition activities in this set, children learn to identify upper- and lowercase letters, and spell simple three-letter CVC words.

This colourful set includes two double-sided play mats which are placed over the foam liner. This fits into durable box which children use to complete the activities featured in the Activity Guide.

As children use one hand to hold the mat in place, while pushing and pulling the flowers, they practise bilateral integration, which is the ability to coordinate both sides of the body.

This set includes 26 peg flowers with uppercase letters, 4 bee pegs, 2 planters, 10 double-sided word cards, 2 double-sided play mats, and 1 foam liner.

Ages 3+