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Math Gears - Division


Its easy to divide and conquer when using Math Gear to learn division! Turn mastering math facts into hands-on fun! More portable than a book and more practical than flashcards, the pocket-sized, 14-page Math Gear is a sturdy, interactive teaching tool with a fun, gadget-like look and feel. Turn the wheel for a math problem, solve it, then lift the flaps to check the answer! Math Gear also includes fun facts about numbers and math. This book (also available for addition, subtraction, and multiplication), makes it fun and easy for kids four and older to learn and practice division facts, anywhere, anytime!

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A pocket-sized interactive book with a gadget-like look and feel to help teach division facts

Turn the wheel to show a math problem, solve it, then lift the flap to check the answer

Includes fun facts about numbers and math

A sturdy, interactive teaching tool

Makes a great gift for 6- to 9-year-olds, for hands-on, screen-free play