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Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups (Set Of 4)

HM 93439-UK

Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups are a fun 3D way to help young children learn fractions, volume, and capacity. This set of 4 durable measuring cups includes whole, half, third and quarter. Each has a colourful base to help children visualise the fraction, and transparent sides so children can see inside when filling with water, uncooked rice, or other materials. Cups slot neatly and securely into the storage base when not in use.

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This set of 4 Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups is ideal for 3D hands-on learning about fractions, volume, and capacity.

Use the whole, half, third and quarter measuring cups to teach children about fractions and fraction relationships.

Each cup’s base is colour-coded to match the Rainbow Fraction Teaching system.

The transparent sides let children see inside when measuring and comparing volumes.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor maths learning. Fill with water or dry materials such as rice. Cups may be safely used with food.

Use the multilingual Activity Guide for hands-on fraction and volume learning ideas.

Cups stow neatly and securely into the storage base when not in use.

HM 93439-UK