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SGT 121-8

Recreate All kinds of Animals

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Tangoes Animals – Now with 48 challenges. Smartgames has added 24 challenges to our most popular magnetic Tangoes travel game, Tangoes Animals. In each challenge players use seven magnetic shapes to form an image of a familiar animal. Challenges gradually become more difficult, making Tangoes animals perfect for the whole family. Based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle, Tangoes products are a learning tool that combines artistic and mathematical elements to enhance visual perception ability, develop problem solving skills, creative thinking capacity and teamwork. The classic tangram forms a square. These 7 pieces can also form an infinite number of abstract designs, human figures, animals and everyday objects. The object of Tangoes is to form the image on the card using all seven puzzle pieces.

Playing Tangoes Animals stimulates the following cognitive skills:
Problem Solving, Spatial Insight, Visual perception

Ages 6+

SGT 121-8

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