Tony the Peg Stacker Dump Truck

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Build fine motor skills with this hard-working fine motor friend! Tony the Peg Stacker Dump Truck™ encourages little hands to grab and grow with tactile pieces made for active play. As children insert the barrel-shaped pegs into the correct holes on Tony’s truck bed lid, they build strength in thumb and forefinger, an ability they’ll need when they hold a pencil to write. The 9 barrels that come with this dump truck toy come in 3 colours, with 3 different shapes underneath (square, circle, triangle), to support learning about shapes and colours.

Meet Tony and his 9 colourful stacking barrels—they're ready for preschool fine motor fun! Stack, match, and sort Tony's barrels, then dump them out and start again.

When children play with Tony, they build the hand strength, coordination, and other preschool fine motor essentials through fun play.

As they roll Tony’s wheels or open and close his flip-up truck bed, kids can match colours, shapes, and numbers during imaginative learning adventures.

Includes Tony and his 9 colourful stacking barrels (10 pieces).


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