GeoSafari Jr. Kindnoculars


Spark curiosity about the outdoors with real working toy binoculars designed specifically for young adventurers. Focus-free eyepieces enable young children (even toddlers) to see the outdoors up close. Durable design means they’re tough enough for exploration and play.

Tax included Delivered within 3-4 days

Real working binoculars ideal for young adventurers.

Child-friendly binoculars, perfect for the youngest explorers.

Focus-free, 2x magnification.

Enlarged eye pieces and fool-proof placement goggles.

Tough enough for outdoor exploration and built to last.

Enlarged focus-free eyepieces children means even toddlers can see.

Chunky design makes them easy for little hands to carry and use.

Includes a breakaway neck strap for convenience and safety.

Measures 13cm W.